100% German Bayer Polycarbonate Hard-Shell

Superior Quality

Elevated by intricate engineering, our hardshell material excels against impacts and compression, delivering remarkable strength and resilience. Your luggage remains unharmed, enduring the most rigorous travel conditions with poise. What's more, a range of contemporary and stunning colours awaits your choice.

Thoughtfully Crafted Interior

Ideal Packing Experience

"It's even more satisfying than its appearance." Lined with velvety soft eco-friendly peach skin material for a touch of luxury, while purposefully crafted compartments ensure an optimal packing experience. With a divider and an X-shaped tie-down strap, your belongings remain securely in place. A waterproof pocket guards against dampness, while a mesh section caters to shoes, and a central zipper pocket keeps loose items tidy. Let the task of packing be effortlessly transformed into pure delight!

Smooth Manouverbility

Effortless Travel

The sturdy and adjustable handle that ensures comfortable height adjustment, and fitted with 4 rubber-padded double spinner wheels enabling smooth multi-directional gliding. These wheels provide stability and operate ultra-quietly, working in harmony with the handle to guarantee effortless movement.

It's all in the details

Exquisite Craftsmanship

The side-embedded TSA-approved combination lock ensures the safety and security of your possessions throughout your travels, providing you with peace of mind. The elevated finishing, including stitched seam closure and a branding strap for hanging items on the go, adds a touch of sophistication. It's made for a luxurious and worry-free travel experience from start to finish!